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Windows8 Grouping and Labeling Start Programs

1. The default Start screen in Windows8 will look something like the following graphic
2. To help better organize your programs you can locate them into different Groups and then Label each group
3. To organize them into groups, simply left click and drag the individual icons to the location you would like.
4. If you would like to start a new vertical group, drag an icon to the space between groups and hold it there for a few seconds. A vertical bar will appear and you can then place the icon in this location.
5. If the following example, I created a new group by moving my main Office apps to a new location
6. To add a label to a group, click on the - sign that is in the lower right corner of the start menu.
7. This will bring up a minimized view of all your icons
8. To add a label, simply right click on one of the groups
9. Click on Name Group at the bottom and type in the name you want to appear above the group


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