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Explorer Switches

There are several switches you can use to
make customized Explorer icons and settings.

Here are the basics.
The syntax for additional switches is:
EXPLORER [/n,] [/e,] [options] [folder]

/n, - Opens a new Explorer window

This will be at the current directory
It will show a single pane with your files and folders of the current directory

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/e, - Opens expanded folder

This options show the typical two pane display

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/root - Selects a folder as the root of the explorer tree

  • The root any drive is the Desktop.

  • To illustrate the difference between using /root and leaving it out,
    The following sample was made using EXPLORER /n, /e, c:\

  • Note the inclusion the Desktop, My Computer and the floppy drive Your Disk C:\

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  • The following example includes the /root - EXPLORER /n, /e, /root, c:\

  • Note the difference between the two examples.

  • Your Disk (C:) is now the top most of the display, rather than Desktop

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/Select - Displays a folder's parent directory

  • This will display a selected folder's parent folder

  • For example EXPLORER /n, /e, /select, C:\WIN\FONTS

  • Note how Win is the selected folder, one above the Fonts folder.

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Other examples:

The default Explorer setting is EXPLORER.EXE /n, /e, C:\

The Desktop is EXPLORER /n, /root

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